1. Marathon PrepInvest in comfortable & sustainable shoes

    It’s important to feel relaxed whilst exercising, let alone running a marathon so it’s worth investing in shoes which are comfortable, sustainable and lightweight. Once you have purchased the perfect shoes, you should practice running in them for a minimum of 10 miles to make sure the shoes don’t bother you for a long-distance run. Make sure you plan this all in advance, as if the shoes are not suitable for long distance running, then you will need to invest in a different pair. You wouldn’t want to quit due to sore feet, would you?

  2. Wear sensible clothing designed for running

    Try to avoid wearing a cotton shirt as it’s much easier to run in professional running clothes, such as those which are made up of coolmax or nylon.

    As soon as you have decided what you’re going to wear then you should practice running with them on to make sure they’re comfortable and supporting.

    If they’re not, then change them. Make sure to purchase your clothes well in advance, in order to leave enough time for the correction of errors.

  3. Practice exact marathon course

    For training you should practice the exact course that is the marathon. So, if that means there’s a lot of hills in the course then run up and down a lot of hills, in order to create a similar mentality for race day. This will both mentally and physically prepare you.

    Many people think that a course is less challenging if it is mainly flat, however that is not always the case. The issue with this is that it means you’re consistently using the same muscles for the duration of the full race.

  4. Starts at 8, practice at 8 – mirror race day routine

    Run at the same time of the day as the start of your marathon. This will allow your body to get used to the race times and more importantly, the bathroom breaks. The more often you do this, the more it will help you on the day of the marathon.

  5. Indulge in rest days before the marathon

    Try not to do anything which is too taxing the week before the marathon. Make sure there is nothing in your life which causes you stress, with both your personal and professional working life.

    Make sure to go to bed at reasonable hours so that you educe at least 8 hours sleep per night. Decline any invitations which may involve a late night.

  6. Increase carbohydrates & decrease fat intake

    During the final three days before increase the volume of carbohydrate based foods you eat and decrease your fat intake.

    Foods such as pasta, bread, fruit, low-fat milk and yoghurt are the types of food groups you should be consuming at this period. Carbohydrates will fuel you, whereas fat and protein will not.

    You should focus on increasing your calorie intake, as opposed to eating more of everything. It is not necessary to consume a large quantity of food.

  7. Don’t change your methods days before

    Often people will attempt to give you advice just days before the marathon takes place, however don’t take it. Stick to what you know, what you’ve planned and what you’ve practiced.

    The last few days are mentality-based, this means you need to keep your mind at ease.
    Make sure you’re comfortable and prepared!

  8. Set two goals for race day

    Instead of setting just one goal, set two, in case, for some reason the first goal can’t be met.

    There are several reasons which could be to blame for a goal not being met, such as weather conditions or perhaps, you may not be feeling great on the day (don’t worry, this happens!)

    Having a second goal, allows you to remain motivated if you can’t reach your first goal.

    You should set these goals before you begin your training.

  9. Visualize crossing the finish line

    Before you go to sleep and when you wake up picture running across the finish line whilst reaching your personal best. This will aid you with incredible amounts of motivation to strive even further.

  10. Most importantly, enjoy yourself!

    Last but most certainly not least, enjoy it. You are running a marathon, you should be incredibly proud of what you are going to accomplish, whilst also doing something you are so greatly passionate about. Whether that is the long-distance running or perhaps the charity you are fund-raising for.

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