Whenever you find yourself in an emergency situation, you better know how to handle it without panicking. This article will give you some tips on how to be prepared and try to provide help in those situations in which a person close to you is having a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. It’s vital for each of us to learn how to cope with those events, since help provided by a bystander is often the only way to save the victim’s life.

In emergency:

Don’t panic

-Breathe and try to stay as calm as possible. If you are in control, you can provide better assistance.

Make sure of what is going on

-First of all, you should make sure of what is going on. If someone loses consciousness, check their breathing and pulse.

-If the heart has stopped beating and the breath is absent, you can be relatively sure that the victim is having a sudden cardiac arrest.

Call for help

-Call 911 or have someone else call while you begin CPR.

-Give precise direction on your position.

Is there an AED?

-If you know an AED is closeby, have someone grab it or grab it yourself before starting CPR.

-If you are alone and do not know where an AED is, DO NOT look for it, just start CPR.

-Use the AED on the victim

Start CPR

-Start CPR on the victim. Check this article to learn how to perform CPR.


Sudden Cardiac Arrest




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