As the EURO 2016 begins this Friday (10th June), excitement is kicking in, worldwide.

This is a time for countries from all over the world to come together to support one another, and watch a very exhilarating and exciting sport be played.

As much as it’s a positive and stimulating series of events, it’s also a time in which we need to remain cautious.

Recently in the news, there have, regrettably been severe cases of sudden cardiac arrest.

Tim Nicot, a Belgian footballer has most recently (May 2016) passed away due to a sudden cardiac arrest. At just 23 years old, a fit, young and healthy man’s life was taken away.

Just two weeks prior to Tim Nicot’s death, another Belgian footballer player sadly passed away due to heart failure. Gregory Mertens, at the age of 24 collapsed on the pitch and received CPR there and then. He was then placed on a life support machine in hospital but sadly passed away.

Hearing stories such as these are heart-breaking. This is why Noba is here, to prevent such tragic deaths from occurring.

Not enough people are aware of defibrillators and their life-saving capabilities.

Had there been defibrillators within reach on these very fatal incidences’ then perhaps lives could have been saved.

We are delighted to have researched into the upcoming EURO 2016 which is taking place in France, to find that there is a minimum medical requirement at all UEFA competition matches.

Thus meaning, the hosts of UEFA matches are ensured to provide players, match and team officials with a minimum standard of equipment and medical services to deal with accidents which might be life-threatening, or cause permanent injury. Which, of course means defibrillators will be available if needed.

Noba hopes all of the football fanatics enjoy this coming month, let’s make it a joyous occasion!



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