Here at Noba it’s very important for all employees to remain heart healthy, one way to do this is by Exercise In The Office.

We all understand the struggle of working full time Monday to Friday, it’s draining and tiring. Then there’s the taunting thought of going to the gym after work. However, it’s still possible to remain active by utilizing your time in the office.

1. Journey to work

It all begins with your journey to work. Walking and cycling are great forms of exercise, so if you can do either of these then don’t hold back!image1 (1)

If you live a little further away from your work and it’s necessary to use public transport then try to get off a couple of stops earlier so that you can walk a little. Not only will this kick-start your metabolism but it will also waken you up for a full day of work.

If you drive to work then try parking a little further away than usual from the car park so that you can also walk a little further.

2. Standing > Sitting

Understandably, standing is better for you than sitting, it burns more calories. Here at Noba we have a standing desk. Luckily all of the desks are adjustable, so each tables’ height can be altered rather easily.

If you do not have this luxury then try to stand as much as possible whilst you’re in the office, such as, by standing whilst talking on the phone and walking over to your colleague’s desk for a face-to-face conversation wimage1hen discussion is necessary.

3. Take active breaks

When you have a break at work try utilizing that time to take a brisk walk or do some gentle stretching, instead of sitting down in the lounge indulging in a naughty snack.

You could also try bringing some resistance bands and other fitness gear, such as skipping ropes to work. These are very light and effective for traveling.

4. Sitting on a fitness ball or chair?

Try bringing a fitness ball to work and trading it in for your desk chair, as long as you’re able to safely balance on the ball. Not only will this improve your balance but it will also work your core muscles, which shall lead to some nice toning. You can also use the fitness ball for wall squats or other exercises during the day.

5. Make exercise a team sport!

Try and organize a lunchtime walking group. Instead of lounging around on your lunch break you should create a group to go on walks with, and to use as a form of encouragement and motivation.

6. Hold meetings on the go

When it’s possible and practical, coordinate walking meetings or walking brainstorming sessions. If the weather is nice then try holding the meetings outdoors, if not then just pace around the office building. You’ll be amazed by the effectiveness of this!

7. Become even more active

If you’re in a job where you’re required to walk a fair amount then do it faster. The quicker you walk, the greater the benefits.

8. Even exercise whilst travelingimage2

Supposing that your job description involves a lot of traveling then use this to your advantage. If you’re stuck in the airport because you’re early or your flight is delayed then pick up your bags and take a brisk walk.

When it comes to accommodation, choose a hotel which has fitness facilities – such as treadmills, weight machines or a swimming pool. If this isn’t possible, then bring your equipment with you i.e. skipping ropes and resistance bands.

Just remember, there are several exercises you can do without the need for any equipment, such as crunches, squats and lunges. If the weather is cooperative then you could also go for a run/jog outside.

Exercise at Noba…

Here at Noba, we are very lucky to have fitness equipment within our office. As we are situated in Barcelona, Spain the weather is more often than not, delightful. So we have the luxury of a terrace.

On this, we haimage6ve pull up rings – these are great for stretching if you’re feeling tense. Or if you’re the ‘strong’ type then they’re fabulous for working your muscles and your core.

We also have a balance board which is of course used to perfect your balance, this is also a great piece of fitness equipment for working on your core.

Another piece of fitness equipment is the skipping ropes. As I mentioned earlier. These are great for increasing your heartbeat and boosting your metabolism. I find them very useful for waking me up on a tiring Monday morning.

Of course, not every office has this luxury. However it is worth mentioning to your boss, or if you are the boss then consider it for more effective work from yourself and your employees!



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