Your heart is one of the most important organs in your body, hence Kardia has been created!

Kardia is an incredible advancement in technology which allows you to track, analyze and speedily access you heart’s health. It gives you instant information regarding your EKG.

Both you and your Doctor are sent the EKG information which means there’s not a need for making a visit to your doctors surgery. This saves both time and money- for those who pay for their medical consultations.

You can use the AliveCor Kardia in alignment with your Apple watch, smartphone or tablet. Meaning it’s very inter-changeable and portable. It’s incredibly easy to use, as you download the app on each of these devices and then attach the sensors to the device(s) of your choice.

Once you place your finger(s) on the sensor, Kardia then analyzes your heart health and carries out the EKG. If you have been experiencing any questionable irregularities then you speak to the device, clearly and with a high volume, whilst the EKG takes place. It then takes note of this in the voice memos and uses the information it’s gathered from the sensors and the information you’ve spoken about and informs you of whether you have anything to worry about it.

It would detect if you have Atrial Fibrillation and henceforth automatically sends this information to your doctor, thus meaning a solution to aid you would be devised within enough time before your symptoms worsen.

It’s amazing that big companies like Apple are on-board for keeping everyone heart healthy by using a cost-effective and simple measure. It just shows you that they still care for your needs whilst utilizing the latest advances in technology.



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