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Heart Tips for Barcelona Marathon 2016

As the Barcelona Marathon 2016 is fast approaching, this Sunday (13.03.16) it's important to remember the several risks a runner takes from running the 26.2 miles or 13.1 miles (half-marathon). Running increases ones risk of experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest, many...

Benefits of Olive Oil

With much research, I have found that many people remain rather skeptical surrounding the subject of oil, more particularly olive oil. In general, people believe oil is not something you should include within your diet because it encompasses high fat contents....

International Women’s Day!

Today - 8th March - marks a very important day...International Women's Day! This day is celebrated all over the world, simply for the existence of women and the measures women have gone to in order to create equality and parity. It allows the world an opportunity to...

Top Heart-Friendly Foods

There are several foods which have a positive impact on your health, however it's important you include foods which are Heart-Friendly in your diet. Everyone knows that Fruits and Vegetables are a staple addition to ones diet, however they're not the only food group...

How To Live A Heart-Healthy Lifestyle

If you come under the category of a professional or a student then it can be rather difficult trying to maintain a Heart-Healthy lifestyle. However, it's very important that you do, as it reduces your risk of suffering from a heart attack or a sudden cardiac arrest by...

Heart disease symptoms in women

Does heart disease kill more men than women? The answer is NO! Heart disease kills a similar number of men and women, but less than 40% of people know this. Despite the fact that it is the no.1 killer of women of all ages, there are still many women who are shocked...

Healthy Holidays: 5 easy tips

Let’s face it, Healthy Holidays is not a title, it’s a contradiction in terms! Despite all the tips and tricks you will find on the Internet, eating healthy food during Christmas season is almost impossible, let alone losing weight. The only strategy is damage...

How an Automated External Defibrillator can save lives

If you still think that a defibrillator is something only doctors should use, read through this post and you’ll find out how everyone of us, even if with the smallest medical knowledge, can use a defibrillator and save a life.

How To Do Hands-Only CPR

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, more commonly known as CPR, is a first aid method used to revive someone who has stopped breathing or is suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest. CPR helps the victim maintaining oxygen and circulation running through the body, keeping...

The Top 10 Risk Factors for a Heart Attack

According to the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, the following risk factors can narrow the arteries throughout your body and trigger a heart attack: high blood pressure, diabetes, family history, and others explained in this article.

Do you know what a Sudden Cardiac Arrest is?

A Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), also  known as Sudden Cardiac Death, is a fast and abrupt cessation of heart functions, caused by an alteration in heart rates. It occurs few instants after the manifestation of its symptoms, which you can read about here(link),...