Pay your employees
with digital dollars
Allow your team to receive a portion - or all - of their salary in digital dollars to fight inflation and grow their savings


Attract and retain talent

Noba gives you a competitive edge in recruiting and hiring. Your employees will be thrilled to get paid in digital dollars.
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Seamless payroll integration

Fast and easy to get started.
Set up your Noba Dashboard in minutes.
Make a single payment and we’ll do the rest.
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Safe, backed 1:1  by USD

Trust your team is protected.
Every digital dollar is backed by a US dollar held by a regulated US financial institution.
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Reward your team with financial freedom

Through the Noba App, your team can grow their savings, send money to friends and family, and spend freely.
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How it works
We make it easy for you and your team. Get started in 3 easy steps.
Send and spend funds and gain financial freedom
Employees get a free credit card to spend their savings locally. Use our mobile app for instant withdrawals and transfers. No hidden costs or maintenance fees.
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Frequently asked questions
You have questions, we have answers.
Can't find what you're looking for? Send us a message.
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How much does the Noba dashboard cost?


For early partners, the Noba Dashboard is free! Ping us to get onboarded.

What are the tax implications for my company?


Noba does not provide tax advice, so we recommend that you reach out to your tax consultant for advice.

Where are the digital dollars held?


All digital dollars are held within Circle's ledgered ecosystem, secured along with billions of digital dollars held globally.

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