No barriers, no BS.
People get paid in fiat. Web3 runs on crypto. Noba bridges the gap with an on-ramp solution for your wallet, game, marketplace, dApp and more.

Finally, an on-ramp that works

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Anyone can buy crypto in 3 easy steps
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We've got fraud prevention and anti-money laundering covered so you can buy crypto with confidence
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Buying crypto requires paying fees. Some on-ramps bury their fees. At Noba, our fees are competitive and fully transparent.
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Order crypto in 3 easy steps

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We take security & compliance seriously

Regulations are coming, and we are ready
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Anti-money laundering

Anti-money laundering and know your customer controls to meet regulatory requirements.

Fraud prevention

Robust security and fraud prevention to prevent criminal behavior so you can have peace of mind.

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Simple, fast integration

From our partner onboarding process to our customized solutions, we make it easy for any wallet, marketplace, game, dApp, and more to launch a successful crypto on-ramp.
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Regulatory compliance

Our anti-money laundering, know your customer, sanctions and fraud controls ensure you will fulfill current and evolving regulatory obligations for crypto transactions.
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Low fraud and high conversion rates

Our identity verification and anti-fraud controls, coupled with our simple and intuitive user experience, mean you will have high conversion rates.
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