5 apps you can use to improve your personal finances
Mar 22, 2023
Paula Moya

We all know how important it is to take care of our personal finances. When it comes to managing day-to-day expenses and planning for the future, it’s crucial that we have an accurate picture of our financial health in order to make smarter decisions. That said, this isn’t exactly the easiest undertaking. There are so many factors to consider – like budgeting, saving, credit cards, investments, loans, retirement planning, and insurance, and the list goes on.

According to a survey from Nubank, only 56% of Colombians consider themselves to be financially educated, signaling that nearly half of the country’s population is not confident when it comes to finances. The report also shares that men represent the majority of the respondents who consider themselves to be financially educated, which highlights even deeper issues related to the gender gap.

Today, there are a variety of financial apps available that are designed to help Colombians improve their financial health. According to Colombia Fintech, in Colombia, in 2021, the number of fintech companies increased by 39%. With this, the country became the third largest Latin American market for fintech startups, after Brazil and Mexico. In addition, Colombia is projected to be one of the best market players worldwide.

In this blog post, we’ll tell you about 5 financial apps that Colombians can use to improve and manage their finances, save money, and pay bills. From mobile wallets to group payments, these products offer a range of features that can help you take control of your finances and achieve your financial goals.

1. Págalo

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Págalo App was created for people to receive, consult and pay all their bills in one place. It has more than 15,000 agreements available in its app so that users can easily manage their payments and organize the receipt of invoices.

One of the benefits of the application is that it allows you to decide from which account to debit. It also sends notifications about obligations. Through the app, Colombians can use different payment methods: credit cards, PSE, Efecty, bank correspondents, among others. It also has the option of sharing bill management among several users, for example, which is useful for families, roomies or couples. Thanks to this functionality, dependents can confirm whether a payment has already been made or is still pending, avoiding double payments or late payment penalties.

2. Movii


With Movii Colombians can access an electronic account without formalities or processes. Through the app you can buy recharges or packages to cell phones of any operator, pay your utility bills, buy prepaid pins for services like Netflix, Paramount+, Spotify, Xbox or PlayStation, send and receive international money orders or even purchase personal accident insurance with SURA in minutes.

Also, as a digital platform, Movii, through its allies, allows you to access nano-credits based on your consumption profile powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

3. Arma tu Vaca

May be an image of text that says 'Entra a alcancias.armatuvaca.com Crea tu alcancía, prepárate para el concierto y paga a tu ritmo GNR Armatuvaca.'

Whether it's buying a gift among a group of friends, paying for Christmas dinner, common vacation expenses or raising money for a party, you can do it at ArmaTuVaca.

This digital platform allows you to "make a cow" online, for any occasion in a matter of seconds and securely. On the platform, the organizer of the event creates a "digital cow" and invites other people to participate, either through social networks or email, and tells them how much the cow is worth. The organizer can see who has paid, how much they have paid and the total money raised, all in real time. The idea is that participants make their contributions and, at the end of the cow, the organizer will receive the money in the bank accounts of their choice. Payments can be made by credit card or PSE from a cell phone, computer or tablet.

4. TRM Dólar Colombia

This is your perfect go-to app to consult in real time the buying and selling price of US dollars in an exchange house. With the conversion calculator you can control your personal finances accurately.

The application will also be useful for trading in the financial markets, since the user will always be able to know the current value of the quotes. In addition, the built-in charts will allow you to quickly and easily understand the exchange rate of the peso and the dollar. You can visualize the TRM of the day with historical data since November 27, 1991 and even have daily notifications with a summary of the behavior of the currency.

5. Wioba

Wioba allow you to effectively control your expenses and track your personal budget in just a few steps. It incorporates a practical functionality to build your personal budget and permanently track your expenses by category. It classifies the movements of your accounts and credit cards in the corresponding category, showing the status of your budget against a progress bar, and it alerts you with color codes. It is designed to help you reach your savings goal and helps you take steps to achieve your objectives.

Fintech is transforming the way we manage our finances, and these are just a few examples of apps that Colombians can use to improve their financial health. As more startups are funded and technology is developed, it’s likely that we will see even more useful products launched that offer new features and capabilities to consumers in Colombia.


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